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So I just uploaded the video. I cut out some parts and kept mostly the tests. It's a short, but informative video that also demonstrates the gameplay. I hope you enjoy and hopefully this helps you get some funding as well, because I would love to see this game on the market! Ps: I wanted to give you some funding, but I can't seem to find where o,o usually it's mentioned when you download it. Any ideas? Links? Directions? :P

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Thanks! You can support us here or at ------

Also walkthrough from the dev

Would be nice if you could do it here as well... I don't have an account there. :I I think you will have more backers then. Just a suggestion.

I've connected the payment. Now if you try to download the game it'll ask if you want to donate or not. I was pretty sure it was all setted up, but turns out it was not. 

Now it works. I just donated an amount. Hopefully more will follow. Good luck!

Thank you very much! This means a lot!

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It's awesome, it runs well and I don't have fps issues, sometimes the animation lags out though like a glitch going back in time for a second. The first boss spider bat thing... I ragequited there because I was out of range and he still could hit me. i'm not sure what's up with that boss, but it's almost impossible. I was one hit left and he killed me xD Once that's fixed I'll try again. Or maybe tomorrow i'll try again when i'm actually not tired :) for now it's not for the casuals :P I demand a normal difficulty xD Once it's a bit better, i'll continue to do the video. 

Edit: I killed the first 'boss' turns out it's not a boss at all just a special minion. But after playing I found out I have to go against two of them?! There I stopped again xD It's insane, but you can kite them though. I had the kind of lag out the whole game and I will post the video as soon as possible. Sometimes when I rolled behind a mob, he could still hit me. Also a checkpoint after the first special minion would be nice, because even though I had to go through the door... there was no checkpoint.

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Thanks, seems like you didn't play much of souls games:) Its very difficult to fight two beasts at the same time, but you can attract them one by one and it will make a fight easier. About hit boxes, yeah, there is some issues with that (mostly for human-like foes). Also there is one secret technique that people learn to do in souls game - if you already killed a difficult mob and its spawned again, you don't really have to kill it, you can just run past them.

Well... I did. It just had better controls in my opinion. Played all the dark souls .-. I'm not used to play with controller (the first dark souls had a mod for keyboard). I also know it is hard and I know I can kite them as I said before. That's what I did, but trust me, it needs refining. The animation is off and the character you play goes back in time sometimes (Lag out?) don't kow how to explain it. Also if you put some dodge mechanics in it you should make sure that it actually works :) If you put your game to test out on this website, you also need to learn to accept the criticism. Glad you noticed the bugs, that's a start :) anyway like I said... it's awesome for a prototype. Thanks for the explanation though, this might be useful for beginners. Keep up the great work!

I'm not sure what got you offended and why you think that I'm unable to accept criticism. I know, and I agree about animation and hit-boxes and they will get better over time, but I don't see where I've stated the opposite, so that you would feel the need to school me. Thanks for the kind words though. 

So, understanding that this is still in the prototype phase, a lot of the issues currently present are forgivable. I really love where this is going and the player character animation is fantastic!

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Wow, thanks! Could you share the specs of your pc? Frame rate is way too low, I wonder if it is cpu or gpu bound.

Two 1080ti and i7-6800k

This is weird... Perhaps sound card casuing frame stuttering... Or sli.. Usually there is no problems on way slower machines. Do you have vsync enabled or disabled? If it's disabled or display fresh-rate is really high - that might cause some problems too. 

I've seen some issues caused by my recording software before. Pretty sure vsync is disabled, not using a compatible monitor. I've seen issues caused by 4k monitors before too.

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Try enabling vsync and give it a shot again:) There is much more content (full run will take about an hour). Also you can run the game in window mode (can be changed in menu/settings)

Also you can parry the bite attack. Beast chooses attacks mostly by distance, but it has couple of other factors like, time scince last attack, avialable stamina, etc. 

I always forget about parries in big fights...

I get an XINPUT missing DLL error.

It seems like you need to update directx or try to copy xinput dll from  C:\WINDOWS\system32 into path_to_game\bin directory


Just to let you know that when I try to launch TNIG it just crashes and closes. It looks great though and I can;t wait for a playable versions.



Hey, does it say anything upon the crash? Which graphics card are you using? Game was only tested on nvidia and intel graphics cards.

I had the same crash after launch. It shows a bit of in-game text but no visible crash report. Are there logs somewhere I could post? Game looks awesome!

Yes, check out the console window when launching (just alt-tab and select it). But if the game crashes silently it might be a little bit difficult.

I was looking though the "Variables" file and noticed it had controller inputs, launched with a controller connected and no crash! Looks like it's cashing when it doesn't find a controller.

Variables file is irrelevant at this point, but crash when launching without gamepad is probably the cause. Thanks!